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The Cleveland Kingz and Queenz of Harley are dedicated to helping those in need throughout their own community and any communities that might need it. Every year, we keep kids out of the cold and help those in need with annual community projects like our "School Supplies Drive" that is designed to get school supplies to children of families that struggle to afford it, and our "Winter Coat Drive" that simply raises funds and warm clothing for families in need. With help from people like you, The Cleveland Kingz and Queenz of Harley raise enough money and clothing on a yearly basis to help hundreds of families. Please considering donating either your money or clothing to help us make the community a better place to live. Click either button on this page and you will be led to a Paypal page where you can select exactly how much you want to give. There is no minimum, but the more we recieve the more we can help. Pay it forward, you never know if you might need help from an organization like ours.

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